Vendor Signup

Parade Date: Monday, January 15, 2018 Start time: 11:00 A.M.

Advantage Village Academy (AVA) will host St. Pete’s 2018 MLK Dream Big Showcase. We are working with the City of St. Petersburg to establish a NEW Parade route so that it ends across from Tropicana Field. The Parade will begin at 11 A.M. and end around 1:30 P.M. Following the parade, St. Pete’s 3rd Annual Family Fun Day will begin at 2 P.M. and end at 7 P.M. You may choose to vend along the Parade route and reroute into Tropicana Field parking lot 7 or all day in or near the Tropicana Field lot 6 along 1st Avenue South. ALL Vendors are expected to maintain good integrity, practice safe methods of food or merchandise handling and conduct their affairs honestly. This is a FAMILY EVENT with a ZERO ALCOHOL and DRUG TOLERANCE.

Event Start Time Set Up End Time Breakdown
Parade 11:00AM 7-10:30 A.M. 1-1:30 P.M. 1-2 P.M.
Family Fun Day 2:30 P.M. 9 A.M. – 12 P.M. End 7 P.M. 6:30 - 8 P.M.

Please list items to be sold at event with anticipated prices.
I understand as an all day vendor along the Parade route, I will be escorted into Tropicana Field vending area. By signing below, I agree to the terms of the MLK Dream Big Parade guidelines, certifying the following and attaching supporting documentation: